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We are your creamery solution

Who are we???

We offer our customers some of the best tasting flavors in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our award-winning ice cream has put us on the DFW list for the Best Frozen Treats. We have strived to maintain the same premium quality products as we continue our expansion efforts and extended services. At the end of the day, our priority is your happiness.

Our Services

We provide a wide variety of delicious ice cream and catering services.


Want to have our ice cream on your menu? Send us your order and we will satisfy your needs!


We are humbly seeking passionate individuals eager to own and operate franchises ranging from single to multi-store networks. We are proud to provide help every step of the way to fully establish your own Old Town Creamery.


To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer catering services to weddings, parties and almost every other type of event.


  • Great little ice cream parlor

    We had some Pho from a place around the corner and decided to stop in for some ice cream. What a treat this place it.

    This is an Indian themed ice cream place. They have a lot of standard ice cream flavors, but they also have different and exotic flavors that you wouldn’t normally think off. I wound up getting strawberry, but I also tried their mango and fig and they are amazing. There are other exotic flavors that I’m not familiar with but I tasted a few others and they were amazing. There are a great range of flavors here, so don’t be afraid to try some. They give you free taste spoons. 

    The ice cream here is made in house so it is very fresh and flavorful. The guys working were super nice and helpful. I will be coming back soon, that’s for sure.”

    Vegas_Gar, Las Vegas, Nevada – Source from tripadvisor

  • Out of world kulfi!

    Best kulfi in the town! Service was great, staffs were friendly. Didn’t like the faluda though. Its a halal restaurant, so kids can enjoy marshmallow and gummy bear here which doesn’t contain pork gelatine.”

    Tanveer S – Source from tripadvisor

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